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• 3/20/2016

Live! Chat...Show by Rock edition!

H-hello fellow members! It's me, Cyan. member of Plasmagica and owner of, I mean Str-strawberry Heart!
An admin and I are going to be starting live chats soon.I recently talked to her about how we should start having them more often, and she thought it was a good idea, meow! So please consider this lively offer and come to the chat to...well, um, chat,!
See you there, meow!
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• 3/19/2016

Live chat discussion

Recently a nice member approached me to ask whether we could make the live! chat more active and so i would like to ask whether anyone would be interested in perhaps having special day's to have fun discussions about thing's we enjoy about the series! 
If anyone has any idea's for this i would be very grateful to hear them and for us to work out what day/time would be best to hold these kind of sessions~
I would also like to bring to attention i'm looking to recruit some new admin's, if you're interested please message me!
Thank you for your time!
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• 6/6/2015

Show by rock!! anime set to be dubbed by funimation.

The ADR director for the show is Caitlin Glass with Mike McFarland and Rachel Robinson as writers. Interestingly, Brina Palencia and Vic Mignogna will be aiding in the lyrics for the broadcast dub, the cast is as follows:
Bryn Apprill - Cyan
Alexis Tipton - Chuchu
Caitlin Glass - Retoree
Monica Rial - Moa
Vic Mignogna - Shu☆Zo
Ricco Fajardo - Kai
Micah Solusad - Riku
Mike McFarland - Crow
Jerry Jewell - Aion
Ian Sinclair - Yaiba
Chris Sabat - Rom
Sonny Strait - Maple
Rachel Robinson - Angelica
Justin Cook - Strawberry Heartwhat do you all think of the chosen voice cast?
are you excited to see the show will be getting dubbed?
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• 5/13/2015

Featured article for june/Currently Seeking admins

After some careful consideration i've decided
it would be best to change the featured article
on a monthly basis and now open it up to a monthly election,
which article do you all think should be featured next?

Also, due to the wikia growing considerably i would like to
find two new admin's to help out with the wikia,
so if you think you're up to becoming an admin please contact me!
These are the basic conditions to become an admin:
Must show dedication to improving the wiki
Be able to respond to user requests within a timely manner
Have a basic idea on how to use admin powers
Thank you for your time!
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