Have a nice MUSIC
Episode 1
ハバ ナイス ミュージック!!
Have a nice MUSIC!!
Air Date
April 5, 2015
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
青春はNon-Stop!( 1 シアンVer.)
Ending Theme
Have a nice MUSIC!!
Insert Songs
キミと☆Are You Ready?
Episode Guide
With our Crimson Gaze... (etc.)
List of Episodes

Have a nice MUSIC!! (ハバ ナイス ミュージック!!Have a nice MUSIC!!) is the first episode of the Show By Rock!! anime series. It originally aired on April 5, 2015.
It features a version of the opening song "青春はNon-Stop!" only used in this episode, "青春はNon-Stop!( 1 シアンVer.)", and an insert song by Trichronika, "キミと☆Are You Ready?".


Cyan Hijirikawa is a shy high school girl who loves music and wants to become part of band but is too shy to ask to join one. One night, she is suddenly sucked inside a rhythm game on her phone into a musical town known as Tokyo Midi City, being intercepted by a talking pink guitar midflight. When she regains her senses, Cyan finds herself in a cat-like form, witnessing a performance by the band Trichronika. Just then, a mysterious monster appears, attempting to drain the power from the Melodisian Stones in Trichronika's hearts in order to turn them dark. Spurred on by her guitar, named Strawberry Heart, Cyan manages to defeat the monster with a guitar jam. Shortly afterwards, as Cyan now finds herself in a catgirl form, she is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the CEO of the Branded Rocking Records record label, to become a member of his band Plasmagica, and is introduced to fellow members ChuChu, Retoree, and Moa.

Appearance List

  1. Cyan
  2. Shu Zo
  3. Riku
  4. Kai
  5. Maple Arisagawa
  6. ChuChu
  7. Retoree
  8. Moa
  9. Pig Macaroon (audience easter egg)


TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」 本編PV第一弾00:36

TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」 本編PV第一弾

TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」 本編PV第二弾01:01

TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」 本編PV第二弾

SHOW BY ROCK!! OP「青春はNon-Stop!」( 1 シアンVer01:43

SHOW BY ROCK!! OP「青春はNon-Stop!」( 1 シアンVer.)

SHOW BY ROCK!! トライクロニカ「キミと☆Are You Ready?」01:13

SHOW BY ROCK!! トライクロニカ「キミと☆Are You Ready?」


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