Reverse Rhapsody
Episode 10
Urahara na Rhapsody
Air Date
June 7, 2015
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Have a nice MUSIC!!
Episode Guide
Falling Star Dreamline
Grateful Rock Festival
List of Episodes

Reverse Rhapsody is the tenth episode of the Show By Rock!! anime series. It originally aired on June 7, 2015.


Chuchu starts to become overcome with feelings of jealousy towards Cyan's growing popularity, which catches the attention of Dagger. Meanwhile, Berry warns the girls about Dagger's intentions for the Grateful Rock Festival, in which he hopes to obtain Cyan, Shu-zo, and Tsurezurenaru's Darudayu for his own band, suggesting that Plasmagica can defeat Dagger with their music. Later, Chuchu is called out by Dagger, who preys on her selfish desires and sways her over to his side in the hopes of making Cyan despair. Just as Chuchu announces her plans to quit Plasmagica, Strawberry Heart, who is revealed to be possessed by songwriter Grateful King, urges the bandmates to stop her, prompting Cyan and the others to use the song she wrote to help her regain her senses. Chuchu then apologises for her selfish motives, deciding she has no intention of quitting Plasmagica.

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