Shirorakurosuka? Gallery

Shirorakurosuka? (シロラクロスカ?) is a band composed of the four members Ochi the Duck(B), Yaginupan(Vo+Gt), Taipeko(D) and Shimiswans(Gt).

They are based off the real band A crow is white (カラスは真っ白), who disbanded in early 2017.


A band created in Porosattsu who flew all the way to MIDI City, determined to visit the Ue Field Zoo at all costs. With Yaginupan's whispering singing voice and a surreal view of the world, their pop songs full of originality are brought together by their well defined musical skills. This groovy funk is the charm of Shirorakurosuka?!


  1. Pretending to Get Along? (なかよしごっこ?)
  2. Hunger Duel (くうふくデュエル)
  3. Individual Personalities (こせいはぞろい)
  4. (カエルと私のライブごっこ)
  5. Secret Talk? (ひみつのかいわ?)
  6. A Charming Live (みりょくてきなライブ)
  7. I Want to Become a Panda (パンダになりたい)
Songs List
fake!fake! ヒズムリアリズム HIMITSUスパーク 9番目の「?」 みずいろ

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