Spectrenotes (スペクトルノーツ) is a band comprised of five members: Ivary (Dr), Maotti (Vn), Kanāto (Vo+Gt), Kikka (Gt+Vo), and Hidenīro (Ba).

Spectrenotes is based on BIGMAMA, an alternative rock band formed in Tokyo 2001.



A five-piece band from far west of MIDICITY that got on the light train from the music and arts capital, Brifran City. A band with an aggressive sound, a conceptual live style, they combine rock and classic to create "Roclassick" and build their own world view. They are engaged in a wide range of musical activities.


  1. The Beginning of Splendor (光輝に満ちたはじまり)
  2. Meeting to Discuss a Glowing Tomorrow (光る明日への話し合い)
  3. Friendships in the Glow (友情は輝きの中に)
  4. The Truth is in the Light (真実は光の中に)
  5. Girls-Only Meeting Overflowing With Light ♡ (光あふれる女子会♡)
  6. Light of the Introduction (はじめましての光)
  7. Spirited Off-Time (心煌めくオフタイム)
Songs List
秘密 Swan Song Weekend Magic MUTOPIA Merry-Go-Round

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