Bright light! Kanāto
Bright light!カナート
Kanato UR
Initial Stats
Red:265 Blue:283 Green:299
Yellow:2174 Purple:544
Final Stats
Red:3012 Blue:3323 Green:3511
Yellow:21642 Purple:6023
Active Skill
P Rhythm Wide
PERFECT rate increase after 50 PERFECT notes.
Passive Skill
1.1x score for all markers.
Bright light! Maotti
Bright light!マオッティ
Maotti UR
Initial Stats
Red:142 Blue:533 Green:552
Yellow:2215 Purple:154
Final Stats
Red:2722 Blue:5013 Green:5214
Yellow:21823 Purple:2804
Active Skill
P Tension Heal ☆ 4
PERFECT rate increase and 40% tension recovery after 80 PERFECT notes
Passive Skill
Lower the attack frequency of all attributes boss

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