So, I've been doing my best to add content to make this a better wiki, but being a college student, I obviously have other work to do and can't get this all done in one night. So, I'm going to put a list here for things that I'm capable of doing, maybe as a reminder to myself. Of course, if you want to do this stuff yourself, please go ahead. That'd actually be great. I'm not trying to single handedly take over this wiki 9:.

Things I Can Do/To Do List

  • Add pages for characters that don't have pages
    • Bands this includes
      • Ninjinriot
      • Dropout Sensei
      • Gaugastrikes
      • Baiganba V
      • Demons Venom
      • Dolly Dolci
      • Rappeziauto
      • Chammy Chaplets
      • 04TobizBits
      • Tekebakitsusou
  • Add gallerys for characters/bands that are missing them
    • Similar to list above
  • Create pages for songs and include the Japanese lyrics
  • Add links to all of the above to where it applies (i.e. the content template, characters page, songs page, etc.)
  • Maybe add stats/images for other cards?

Ideas For Future Additions

  • Translate songs (I can't do this)
  • Add romanji for songs (I can't do this either)
  • Organize category pages
  • Maybe a bromides page where you can sort by skill/stats?

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