With our Crimson Gaze...(etc)
Episode 2
Oretachi wa shinkōshoku no shingan de (ikaryaku)
Air Date
April 12, 2015
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Have a nice MUSIC!!
Insert Songs
Falling Roses
Episode Guide
Have a nice MUSIC!! (Episode)
Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration
List of Episodes


Cyan, after accepting the contract with BRR, she meets the other band, ShinganCrimsonZ. Maple Arisagawa is contacted by a representative of the band Trichronika and is asked to have ShinganCrimsonZ doing the opening act because the band that they originally had came down with food poisoning. The band was initially against the idea but were quickly convinced by Angelica's scary face. The concert went without a hitch. Cyan is invited to stay at the BRR dormitories when they found out that Cyan had no where to stay at. Cyan takes a bath and sings which made her guitar blush. Her other band mates heard her singing and loved it. When Cyan is alone again, she learns from Strawberry Heart that she cannot return home until she saves the world that she is in. Cyan agrees on the condition that she will be able to return before Golden Week starts.

Appearance List

  1. Cyan
  2. ChuChu
  3. Retoree
  4. Moa
  5. Crow
  6. Aion
  7. Yaiba
  8. Rom
  9. Maple Arisagawa
  10. Angelica
  11. Shu☆Zo
  12. Riku
  13. Kai
  14. Rosia
  15. Baiganba V (Cameo on TV)
  16. Pig Macaroon (Cameo in audience)


TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」 第二話 予告映像00:16

TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」 第二話 予告映像

Show by Rock Episode 02 Shingan CrimsonZ - Falling Roses01:37

Show by Rock Episode 02 Shingan CrimsonZ - Falling Roses


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